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Bredbury Hall Hotel And Country Club

bredbury hall hotel and country club

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  • Bredbury is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, England, located south east of Manchester, east of Stockport and south west of Hyde. At the 2001 census it had a population of 15,126.

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The Door J'adore

The Door J'adore

A really gorgeous doorway I found during a recent say at the 16th century Bredbury Hall Hotel and Country Club in Stockport, UK.

Great brickwork and cobbles, with lovely architectural detail. A 100mm focal length, gave a nicely surreal, rising feel to it.

Lots of little visual treats in this one if you care to look :)

Flatbed Milk Churn Wagon

Flatbed Milk Churn Wagon

A vintage, or at least very old, flatbed wagon used for carting milk churns to the dairy from the milking sheds.
Today it stands outside Bredbury Hall Hotel and Country Club as a "scene setter".

bredbury hall hotel and country club

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